Monday, February 23, 2009

the trannies are back

i live in a Weird place. i like Weird. but this place isn't always my kind of Weird. for example: about a block from my house is a place i call "tranny central." it's an intersection in my neighborhood where there were ALWAYS big scary tranny hookers hanging out. it was really uncomfortable because they always stare you down when you drive past them. and having to walk past them on foot ... oh man, terrifying. they are all broad-shouldered, big-breasted men ranging anywhere from 5foot11 to 6foot4 in height. and they all have extremely masculine, and eerily demonic, facial features. if it were possible to scream and barf at the same time, that's what would happen when you accidentally made eye contact with one of these creatures. but, alas, it is not possible to scream and barf at the same time, so what ends up happening is that you just kind of feel cold inside and you feel like sitting in the shower for an hour or two, just crying.

they scare the jesus out of me. but i kind of like having them there, so when people visit, i can say "did you see all the trannies?" and then a funny conversation always follows. always.

but anyway, a week or two ago, my roommate saw some police officers giving the tranny-hookers a hard time. then they disappeared. i thought the days of tranny central where in the past. but guess what, the trannies are back ... with avengance. in the old days, there would be like one or two at a time hanging out at this intersection. but the other day, there were like SIX.

i was glad i was in my car and not on foot. i was also a little glad the trannies were back. the neighborhood just wasn't the same without them.


Anonymous said...

you made a new word and I like it... avengence

trannies r people 2

schoolpants said...

Ha-ha. Whoopsie Daisy.

that was supposed to be "a vengeance."

i kinda like "avengence" too though. the definition of avengence: "it's like what the Avengers do."