Tuesday, November 16, 2010

highway signs are weird

when i see signs like this, i can't help but imagine a bunch of nerds crowded around a desk bickering about what needs to go on the sign.
brandon: just put "cash keep right."
josh: draw a picture in the middle of what it will look like so they know what to expect.
nathan: what about people who can't read english?
josh: that's why it's a drawing!
nathan: no, i mean the cash keep right part.
josh: well, just put it on the right side with a dollar sign.
brandon: no! cuz dollar sign just means money but we only take CASH.
nathan: fine, we'll put a dollar sign AND the word cash.
josh: that doesn't make sense!
brandon: yeah, people will read it as "cash dollars." they'll think we messed up.
nathan: no one will think that. dammit, back up, josh. you're breathing on my neck.
josh: well, i wanna see.
brandon: oh nice one! you almost knocked my nalgene over! if the cap wasn't on, that could've spilled all over the keyboard. then you'd be so dead!
josh: yeah right! i barely touched it!
nathan: everybody out of my office! right now!
brandon: it's our office too.
josh: yeah nathan, it's our office too.

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