Wednesday, February 29, 2012

self high five!

here's a photo of momo giving himself a high five! and now i'm giving myself a high five for doing 29 blog posts in about 3 hours or so! high fives all around!

MBFMB episode 7 coming soon!

we've been working very hard on the latest episode of My Best Friend, My Butler and i think it's a good one. it should be out this coming friday, march 2. so look for it!

on a more nostalgic note, it will likely be the last episode to be edited on this old computer. the very first episode of MBFMB was edited on this computer nearly four years ago. future episodes will be edited on my newer computer. look out world!

lost dragon

this was on the window of a coffee shop i like. it made me happy. kids are weird. i'm glad kids are weird.

in a bathroom at a bar

i like this photo. i took it in a bathroom at a bar. i don't usually take photos in bathrooms. i just thought this looked cool. and no one else was in there. so who cares. I'M NOT WEIRD! STOP JUDGING ME!

a silly one

i told momo "now let's take a silly one!" and this is what he did.

innovations without electricity

our power went out for a few hours on monday night. emily had the bright idea (pun intended) to put the flashlight in the toothbrush holder while we were getting ready for bed. i thought that was pretty clever.


i never much cared for horses. i'm not totally sure why. my mom thinks maybe i was bitten by one at the zoo when i was a kid. one of us boys got bit by a horse but nobody remembers who. maybe we all got bit by horses at the zoo. or maybe horses just look weird and have giant creepy eyes and smell like poop. maybe that's why i don't like them. who knows?

new chair!

emily's parents gave us this chair. we like it a ton. i like to sit in it. i also like to look at it. it's a multipurpose chair. and it smells nice.

funny menu = the best food

the beef tongue pairs very well with the slice orange. but if you're going to have the marrow guts, i would recommend something lighter to drink, like the mountain deu.

not so easy on the eyes


mo's banana phone

when mo gets a call on the banana phone, he drops what he's doing and he takes the call. he's a professional.

felix the car salesman

emily's car died last week so we went shopping for a new one over the weekend. one of the dealerships we went to had a sign that looked like this, which i thought was cool. but their cars were kind of dumb and kind of expensive and the salesman was too pushy for our taste. so we took our business elsewhere. let that be a lesson to you, salesmen! (i hate salesmen)


these are two of my favorite albums and i recently bought them on vinyl and i gotta tell you, they just sound dynamite. just dynamite.


i don't know how long that butter's been sitting out. i don't know if it's good anymore.

i like ramen

i like ramen. it's delicious and easy to make and practically free. how many foods can you say that about? i can only think of two. one of them is ramen and the other one i swore to samy sosa that i'd never tell anybody about. sorry.

there he goes

momo's on the run.

too much teeth and legs

i'm glad i don't have too many teeth or too many legs. that would stress me out.

where we're from/same but different

my girlfriend and i are both from right around here. we grew up in two different places, pretty far apart from each other, but they both fit in this square of the map of the country we grew up in.

pb&j on a sd em

the other day, i made what i thought was a revolutionary lunch. it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a toasted sourdough english muffin. it was delicious. i enjoyed it thoroughly and thoroughly patted myself on the back for this brilliant invention. when i bragged to my girlfriend about it, she informed me that she had made herself the same lunch just last week.

tiny arms

momo has the ability to make his arms very very tiny.

my lamp

my parents gave me this lamp when i was fourteen. they got it when they got married, i think. i like it a lot. it's a cool lamp.

i wasn't into that

i never really got into collecting rare stones, or collecting stamps, or doing that thing where you press a flower between two pages of a notebook. but i never had anything against the kids who were into that stuff.

joanna's snacks

there's a place called joanna's snacks. i've never gone inside. but every time i pass it, i think, "i like that sign. that sign is funny."

pretty good buddies

me and momo are pretty good buds. he's a cool dude.

i'll never be a dentist

i'd never want to be a dentists because pretty much everybody else's mouth grosses me out.

momo's carrier

momo get's sad when we put him in his carrier. he likes to stick his nose out through the holes so at least his nose can be free.


i live in los angeles. which means i never know what month it is unless i'm looking at a calendar. and so i often forget that it is winter in the places where most of my friends and family live.

i'm not complaining. i'm just saying. how 'bout that.

google can't find it's own thing?

seriously? google can't find google-owned-youtube?

february: month in a day!

i will now attempt to do a month's worth of blog posts in one day ... GO!