Thursday, May 31, 2012

oops! wrong guy!

i meant to draw robert downey jr and it somehow came out as john stossel.

popeye projection

i had an episode of popeye projected on to my t-shirt. what has your t-shirt ever done that's so great?

effigies are cool!

i think when someone graduates, the best way to celebrate is to create an effigy of that person and beat it with sticks until it's insides fall out. then everyone should eat the insides.

no questions asked taxidermy

i can't believe i forgot to show you guys this earlier! it's a video i directed for the very funny and very talented sketch team New Money. it's an ad for a taxidermy shop. taxidermy is an under-appreciated art form and this man understands the artistic integrity and freedom that taxidermy deserves.

best potato chip ad

this is the best potato chip advertisement in the history of the potato chip advertising world. if you own a potato chip company and your ads don't look like this one, you're doing it wrong.

towing is tricky

they had a really tough time towing this cadillac out of the driveway without running it into the neighbor's house.

Tool Tim

my favorite tel-o-vision program is "Tool Tim" starring Allen Taylor. it's a home improvement show about a man who barks and improves homes and has children. i watch it.

jump for treats

patrick's chickens jump for treats!

stray kittens

patrick has 5 stray kittens living behind his house. they hide out in a wood pile behind a fence, which is annoying because we can't pet them. but they are very cute and nice. i call these two Blue Eye and Grey Butt. hopefully they will learn to trust us soon and we can find them homes. i'm currently trying to convince momo that having five younger siblings would be fun but he disagrees.

meeting crashers

can't have a meeting at patrick's house without a few chickens crashing the party.

general error

is there a general solution i can use to remedy this general error?

solar eclipse

there was a solar eclipse but it hurt my eyes. i tried taking pictures of it but it was tough.


 baseball games are very fun to go to because there are hot dogs and beers and cheering and fun. my friend adam gives the whole experience an enthusiastic thumb up!


i talk about my best friend momo so much that when i accidentally type "moom," my phone robot KNOWS i mean "momo." it doesn't guess that i was trying to text "moon" or "mom" or any other REAL word. it knows i'm talkin' 'bout my best friend, momo, the magic cat.

a guy i made up

here's a guy i drew from my imagination. i just made him up, and then drew him. i think i'll call him thomas. thomas ... jefferton. yes, i think that it'll be a fine name for him.

you CAN buy friends

this guy was worth every penny.

premium weiners

weiners is a funny word and it always will be. deal with it.

american rocker

here's a draring i made of american rocker, tom petty. no one describes anyone as an american rocker and that's just fine by me. it's a stupid way to describe someone.

cemetery movies

we recently saw a screening of alfred hitchcock's strangers on a train at the hollywood forever cemetery. it was awesome. if you haven't seen that movie, i recommend seeing it. if you haven't seen a movie at the cemetery, i recommend doing that. and if you ever get to see that movie at the cemetery, well, obviously do it because you'd be killing two birds with one stone. two birds i told you to kill. DO MY BIDDING!

new knapsack

i got a new knapsack! it's so great finally having a new sack for all my knaps. my previous knapsack was old and weathered. it had gotten to the point that it could barely hold a knap. i was losing have the knaps i was putting in the sack. you think knaps grow on trees? think again! they grow on hills!

photo courtesy of tim neenan

my best friend, my momo

i love this guy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

identifying livestock

this is a baby cow.

guess which!

one of the three persons on this porch is a real person. can you guess which one? hint: it's the one that looks like a real person.


good news guys: there's still a place where you can jazzercise.

very tiny but very scary

we found this tiny scorpion in our room at this place we were staying in the desert. the scorpion was very very tiny, but still, very very scary. well, not that scary i guess. we didn't freak out or anything. we didn't even kill it. we didn't see until we were leaving. so it was that scary. i guess wasn't all that tiny either. it was small. small but somewhat startling.


i don't understand rocks. where they come from, what they're up to, whether or not they like me: i just don't get 'em.

Friday, May 25, 2012

robot fish!

there's a robot fish coming through the bathroom wall in this gas station!

the sky is a bouncy ball

when you drive through the desert at dusk it looks like a bouncy ball. do you think that's where they got the design for the first bouncy ball like that?

maybe they do

i bet they make beer at that place. i guess maybe they don't. maybe they just really like miller products. maybe they're on the miller street team. just getting the name out there. or maybe somebody gave them that sign for free and they love free junk. i love free junk. if i get a free t-shirt, i keep it.

spinning things

this was a piece that was at this show that mike d curated. all these things were spinning. they had little fans behind each one that blew the things and made them spin. i like spinning things. also, i like that you could see the fans behind each one. it's fun to see how simple things work. i suppose it would be fun to see how complicated things work too but that takes a lot of work and i don't feel like it. i like simple things.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

i don't remember this

i don't remember this game being so racist. or maybe it's not racist. maybe piston honda has brain damage.