Friday, September 30, 2011

mechanical bull

when i was in college, one time my friend trent and i went to this party where they had a mechanical bull. a mechanical bull is a robot that looks like a male cow. but the only way that it acts like is a male cow is when some one sits on it. i don't know if you know this but male cows HATE IT when people sit on them. well, the robot ones do anyway. so we're at the party and this girl sits on the robot bull (which it HATES) so the robot bull starts going crazy trying to get this girl off his back and he tosses her up in the air and right as she's falling passed his head, WHAMMO, the mechanical bull turns hard and punches her in the head with his head! it was crazy. everybody in the place got really quiet except for one guy who said, "Whoa," really loud.

then she stood up and lots of people said things like "are you okay?" and she said she was okay. but she did NOT look okay. she looked punch drunk. plus alcohol drunk. she stumbled away and no one ever saw her again. legend has it she didn't go to our school.


Trenton Rink said...

She made the weirdest sound after the mechanical bull hit her in the throat. And then she kept making that face like right before you vomit remember that? I was pretty sure she was gonna die.

Dave Faulk said...

"mechanicall bull!"