Sunday, September 25, 2011

websites are hard

hey gang: i can't believe i didn't tell you guys this earlier but i got one of those internet "website" thingies. i thought about getting schoolpants but someone already has that and they aren't even using it. the guy just wants to sell it to someone. so i offered him $17 and he told me to buzz off.

anyway, i got instead. because that's sort of like schoolpants.

i don't know how to make a stinking website is the problem. i tried and it just made me say bad words and frown and grind my teeth. so until i learn to be a little more patient and a lot nerdier, it'll probably just look like this. but i hope to put all nic-michaels-related stuff up there. and i will still keep schoolpants here.

if anybody has tips on how to easily make a cool website, please let me know.

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