Saturday, December 17, 2011

helicopter bugs and toilet paper tubes

last night i had a weird dream that there was this weird bug that was kind of shaped like a helicopter but he had bug skin and regular bug wings and he was green like a praying mantis and he was flying around in my parents basement and my brother told me to hit with a toilet paper tube and so i did and then it just flew around faster like it was mad. then my brother laughed and said watch out because those things spit blood and poison. and then i was like "oh crud" and so i was trying to stay away from it but it kept coming after me so i was using the toilet paper tube to defend myself but my girlfriend was worried and told me to stop fighting it because she didn't want me to get sprayed with blood and poison and my brother was just laughing the whole time. because it was probably pretty funny to watch. i wasn't mad at him. i kept thinking, "man, he's lucky. i bet this is hilarious to watch."

then i woke up. dreams are crazy.

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