Sunday, December 18, 2011

all the best pops

my parents have this pop machine in the garage. it is awesome. it has buttons for 7up, Diet 7up, Cherry 7up, Country Time Lemonade, RC Cola, Hawaiian Punch, Squirt, and Diet Rite. you know, all of the popular soda pops!
i don't know if you know how pop machines work, but we could put whatever kinds of soda pop in there that we wanted. we'd just have to remember to put notes on what soda was in what category. like you have to remember that to get a Mountain Dew you have to hit the RC Cola button. or whatever.
sometimes we'd put Country Time in where the Country Time was supposed to go. we liked Country Time. we went through a real phase with it. i don't know if they even make that stuff anymore. but i'll tell you what, a cold can of Country Time really hit the spot after a long jump on the tramp.
anyway, it was cool having a pop machine in our garage.
also, the tramp is what we called the trampoline.
we didn't jump on that dog from the disney movie.

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