Tuesday, January 31, 2012

trix rabbit

my dad made this when he was a kid. i like it a lot. i don't like it that the kids never gave the trix rabbit any trix. i think that was mean. it would've been okay if they were like "no, trix are to rabbits what chocolate is to dogs! we're depriving you of trix for your own good, bunny!" but no. they just dismissed him as a "silly" rabbit. to this day, whether they ask for trix or not, every time i see a rabbit i offer it trix. or twix. they almost always prefer the twix. i would too, i suppose. unless it was breakfast time. i guess i just don't see a lot of rabbits around breakfast time. funny. come to think of it, i've NEVER seen a rabbit at breakfast time. what's the deal with THAT? maybe trix isn't for them.

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