Thursday, March 31, 2011

barrel of ooze

yesterday, emily and i went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. it was pretty great. all of the employees told us to "have a six flags day" and we complied. when we paid something like $31 for our lunch of cheeseburger, chicken strips, fries, and coca-cola, even the surly woman behind the counter of the hamburger stand muttered, "have a six flags day," and she handed us our food and walked away.

the other really funny thing about six flags is they try to make their roller-coasters all have back stories. like there's one called the apocalypse. there are a lot of burnt out jeeps and old transistor radios. and they play these videos on flat-screen monitors that explain that the world is ending or something. apparently, when the world ends, all cars except military jeeps are destroyed and the only technology that survives is old rotary phones, transistor radios, and flat-screen televisions that explain the premise of the ride. and the thing that you have to do at the end of the world is go on this ride, i guess.
there's also a batman ride. that one doesn't get much of a back story. but there is a batmobile there. and it's next to an old cop car that has a barrel of ooze on its hood. so i guess the back story is that some bad guys threw some ooze at some cops? and batman needs you to go on a roller-coaster? so he can catch the bad guys? i don't know. but it was fun.

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