Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the biggest whiskey bottle

this is the biggest bottle of whiskey i have ever seen. my little brother and i found it in my grandparents' basement. i put a quarter in front of the box to give you guys a sense of how big it is. also, i don't know if you can see the price tag but it says $25.00. i don't know if you guys are very savvy when it comes to whiskey prices, but that's a pretty good price for a gallon of fine scotch whiskey.

so if you get the opportunity, i advise you go back in time and by a few gallons of this stuff at this price. just be sure to use old money. if you show up with the new $20 bill and a new $5 bill, the ones where the president's heads are way bigger and the colors are a little different, you're definitely gonna get busted. then you'll get sent to time jail. and guess what spanky: no whiskey in time jail!

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