Saturday, April 30, 2011

quit my job

 i quit my job, you guys. that was a pretty big stinkin' deal to me, i'll have you know. it was kind of sad and mostly anticlimactic. i remember when i was in 2nd grade, some kid was sick and missed a couple of days of school. when he got back, he didn't know any of the stuff he missed and he was really whiney about it and i remember my teacher, Mrs. Murphy, saying "the world doesn't stop when you're not here." it's a pretty heavy thing to lay on a 2nd grader. but she was right i guess. and that memory kept coming back to me my last day of work. i wanted it to feel like a big chapter of my life was over and i was moving on. but it mostly felt like any other day.
there was a pretty awesome moment at the end of my shift, though. i clocked out, threw my apron on the ground, raised both hands and said, "i'm out." my coworkers stopped what they were doing and applauded me, which was funny. but what was even funnier was a bunch of customers joined in clapping. and i'm 99% sure they had no idea why there were clapping.

then i went in the back and spent like a half hour cleaning out my locker. there was a lot of junk in that old hunk of crap. my friend sean and i would always cut stuff out of magazines and put it on each other's lockers. i left one clipping in there for the next occupant.

 it says, "my dog found my cancer." i left it in there because, what a great trick!


Anonymous said...

Jobs are for suckers, anyway.

schoolpants said...

you said it, Anonymous! suckers are dopes! let them have all the jobs! good riddance!