Saturday, April 30, 2011

administrative professionals day 2011

Every year around April 27th, we get literally dozens of dozens of emails demanding we devote an entire post to our beloved secretary Ruth, to show her how much we appreciate her. Every year, we do write a post just for her ... but not this year. Over the last several months, Ruth was having to miss full weeks of work due to "minor operations" nearly every other week. As it turns out, Ruth has a pretty serious gambling problem. She's lost over $10,000 at the horse tracks. So, after a lot of soul searching, we decided to let her go. It wasn't an easy decision and none of us here at Schoolpants Headquarters (SPHQ) were happy with what we had to do.

But we were happy to hear that just yesterday, Ruth vowed to never visit the horse tracks again. She won almost a quarter million dollars at the dog track last week!

Happy Administrative Professionals day, Ruth! May you have continued success at the dog tracks!
In other news, I'd like everyone to meet Brandon, Brandon, and Troy, our new Administrative Team. They'll be replacing Ruth and handling all of our administrative needs! Welcome aboard, guys!


Anonymous said...

Is that Brandon, Brandon, and Troy in the picture? Is Troy a girl's name, too. I'll hang up and listen to your answer.


schoolpants said...

yes, that is brandon, brandon, and troy in the picture. and no, troy is not a girl's name. troy is a boy and he is very sensitive to the fact that is often mistaken for a female.