Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sea horse nightmare

do you guys ever have that recurring nightmare where you are tiny and you're surrounded by giant sea horses and they're all horsing around and rough housing and what-have-you and you're all scared because you're tiny and you think they're gonna accidentally crush you or something with their sea horse hooves? and you're all like, "heya guys! look for lil' ol' me down here!" and that just freaks 'em out more because sea horses can't see all that good and so they get spooked and they start screaming and panicking and that just makes matters worse. and then you wake up in a swimming pool surrounded by drowned horses? then you realize you're still dreaming and then you start screaming and then the horses come back to life and start screaming and then you wake up from that and realize that you were never sleeping in the first place, because you are a sea horse and sea horses don't sleep? and then the doctor tells you you're hallucinating? and all you can think is that if this guy is such a good doctor, what's he doing taking sea horses as patients instead of humans? and then you realize he's a veterinarian so that makes sense but then you realize you're not in water and oh my god i can't breathe!

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wescoat said...

No. But last night my girlfriend snorted in her sleep and it entered my dream as a terrifying monster roaring in my ear. Scared the hell out of me. I didn't get a look at it, though. Could have been a seahorse I suppose. Yeah, on second though, it probably was.