Thursday, August 19, 2010

making words weird

if you say a word enough times in a short time period of time, you can make it seem so weird that you convince yourself you're crazy and that the word could never actually be a real word. like the word "word." if you say the word "word" something like 29 times in a span of something like 3 minutes, you will convince yourself that word is not, in fact, a word and you have lost your mind for even considering the fact that the word "word" is in fact a word that means anything at all.

other words take more than 29 times in 3 minutes. others take less. i just discovered that the word "equals" only takes about 5 uses within 1 minute to become not-a-word. just try it. equals. equals. equals. equals. and there you have it. equals now means nothing. it's just a weird combination of sounds that you are crazy for saying. "enough" is another good one. and "stupid." and "bored."

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