Friday, August 6, 2010

mr. basketball

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another video up on! this one wasn't for any particular sketch team or show. it was just written by a funny guy named sean clements. it was fun to shoot. and i've never told anyone this until right now but the day we were shooting, i was talking to the kid's mom after we finished his part of the shoot and i suddenly got super dizzy and almost fell down. like, i thought i was going to faint, which i've never done before. it was such a weird feeling. i didn't want to freak anyone out so i never mentioned it. but for the whole rest of the day, i was really paranoid that i would just pass out and barf or something and it would ruin the shoot.

buuuuuut, i didn't! hooray! all's well that ends well. hope you enjoy the video.

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Anonymous said...

I had a faulty Mr. Basketball and it told me that the recession is the fault of the Jews! Also, he told me I sucked at basketball because I'm white. I would've returned him, but he was out of warranty when he started saying these things. So I got a new one and drew a little Hitler-mustache on the old one so I can tell them apart.