Thursday, April 29, 2010

Administrative Professionals Day

as you all know, last wednesday was national Administrative Professionals Day. we've gotten gobs and gobs of emails at screaming at us about, "what's the deal? no special post for Ruth?!"

Ruth, as you all know, is the receptionist at the schoolpants headquarters. she's been with us since we opened our doors here december 3, 2008. she's the heart and soul of schoolpants. if it weren't for Ruth, we'd all be running our around like chickens with our heads tied together. and i'm not exaggerating when i say that.

here's the scoop: we didn't do a post for Ruth on wednesday because she was out of the office all last week due to a minor operation. not to worry, it wasn't anything too serious but it was a bit personal, so i won't go into detail. well, i shouldn't say it was personal, i guess. that sounds dirty. she was just having a mole removed. it was in a private area, so it is private i guess, but it's not like she got an STD or anything. i mean, the mole wasn't like ON her privates. but, you know, it was in the bathing suit area. so, she is a bit embarrassed about it.

anyway, we love you, Ruth! you mean the world to schoolpants! keep up the good work!

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