Thursday, July 22, 2010

3D one-line drawings

my friend cory is awesome. i went to his house a couple of days ago and he had this cool wire thing he made. it's a picture of him walking his dog. it's like a one line drawing but made of WIRE! and then we took his dog for a walk and it looked JUST LIKE the wire thing he made! and then we got italian ice but we couldn't take the dog in there because it's against the health code so i went in while cory and the dog waited outside. and then i screwed up cory's order and got him strawberry and lime instead of strawberry and lemon. WHAT A DOOFUS! i said as i slapped my forehead.

but then his dog kept eating mulch and rocks and pieces of tape and whatever she could find on the sidewalk. so then, i was like "who's the doofus now?" and i gave cory a hint by sort of winking and nodding in the dog's direction. i guess it wasn't a clear enough hint because cory didn't even take a guess. he just sort of sighed and said it was getting pretty late and maybe i should think about leaving.

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