Sunday, July 25, 2010

kienan america

i've already written about kienan's bachelor party a few times, but kind of a lot happened. plus, i just found this picture on my phone that i must've taken when we were at a bar and kienan jumped up on stage and started dancing and high fiving everyone. actually, i think the band asked him up on stage. actually, i don't remember. but i do remember that it was hilarious and everyone liked it. he wasn't being a drunk douchebag or anything. the guys in the band we're even asking people if they had video of him dancing because they thought it was hilarious.

that's the difference between kienan and most people. i feel like if i jumped on stage with a band and danced around, it would not go over well. someone would make fun of me and then i would make fun of them and then i'd get punched in the face and no one would be having fun. and i feel like that situation would turn out equally bad for most people. but kienan for whatever reason has special rules in his world. he lives in a place called kienan america. where nothing really matters and everything's all in good fun.

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