Saturday, July 24, 2010

just try it

i was recently at a diner that had mello yello on tap. they also had a little advertisement on every table that demanded that customers try it. so i obliged. i informed the waiter that i wanted to try smooth. he didn't get my joke but he saw that i was holding the advertisement, so he knew what i was talking about.

after a subtle hesitation, he said, "it's pretty sweet. i'll just give you some to try." i watched him go to the soda fountain and i could tell he didn't really know what to do. i think i confused him by saying that i wanted to "try" smooth. so he just filled the cup about 3/4 full and gave it to me. i don't think he charged us for it. i wouldn't know because i didn't pay the bill. i didn't even attempt to pay the bill. didn't even look at it. i just let my sister-in-law pay for it. because i knew my neice and nephews weren't paying, so why should i? that's what kind of scumbag i am. i just let my adult siblings take care of me because i still assume the role of the child. anywho, the mello yello was okay. it tasted like someone extracted the least exciting qualities of mountain dew and the least exciting qualities of sprite and combined the two. which made for a drink that was both mellow in taste and yellow in color. 2.5 stars.

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