Tuesday, December 21, 2010

aluminum beer bottles

for months, i've been taunted by billboards advertising beer in these oddly intriguing aluminum pint bottles. and for months these beers have been nowhere to be found. but guess what gang: they DO exist. the coors light ones do anyway. still no sign of the miller lite aluminum pint bottles.
 why do they appeal to me so much? i can't figure it out. ever since i saw the first billboard for one i've wanted one. but why? no one thing is special about it. i've had pints. i've had bottles. and i've had aluminum. i've even had the old budweiswer aluminum bottle, but that wasn't exciting at all.
 i can't take credit for the find. emily got them. she says she found them at a weird grocery store, but i'm pretty sure she made them herself or something.

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