Wednesday, December 29, 2010

cow hoof wine bottle

i didn't get this for christmas but it's still a pretty cool gift. and i forgot to tell you guys about it when i got it, so why not now? why not? you don't have a good answer.
so i'll tell you: my friends brian and george gave me this for my birthday. at first glance, it's just a foot that somebody cut off of a cow. big deal, right? but there's more to it than that! it's ALSO a wine bottle AND it has a strap. so you can fill it with wine and take it on the go! passersby think you're just wearing a lucky cow's foot around your neck but in REALITY, you're drunk in public! it's a win-win!


Viren said...

Can you please tell me if i can buy one of these on line? I have been looking for ages and cant seem to find one. Thank you
Please email me at

Anonymous said...

ive got one Im selling

Unknown said...

I've been looking for one.