Monday, February 28, 2011

toaster strudels: not for me

I just want to set the record straight about something: i was a pop tart kid, still am, but i will admit that, IN THEORY, the toaster strudels are better. they resemble real food and you can put on as much icing as you want. both good traits in any breakfast snack.

i think the reason i never got on board with toaster strudel train was their annoying commercials. every commercial was some nerdy kid talking smack about pop tarts. the battle lines had been drawn. the pillsbury ad people had established that there were strudel kids and pop tart kids and ne'er the twain shall meet. and, like i said, it was always a nerdy kid whose parents got the toaster strudels. i think that resonated with me in a way that the folks at pilsbury didn't anticipate. the message i interpreted was: only nerds eat toaster strudels. let that be a lesson to you, ad people.

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