Friday, February 11, 2011

year of the rabbit

well, another chinese year has come and gone. the year of the tiger was a decent one. i have a few regrets. i wish i would've eaten more chinese food. i didn't find any time to play with a chinese fingertrap or take the time to sit down with an old friend for a rousing game of chinese checkers. but according to some website, the year of the rabbit will be a slightly less stressful one. i hope to use my extra time to do the things i miss. chinese cutting in line. practicing chinese fire drills. and replacing the batteries in my chinese smoke detector.
here's to an enjoyable chinese new year! hip hop hooray! (rabbit joke AND a naughty by nature joke).

1 comment:

wescoat said...

Please devote a post explaining where you found that giant long-eared mouse thing you're holding.