Thursday, October 7, 2010


i love foosball. growing up, we had a foosball table in my basement. when i was around twelve, i decided i was going to practice a lot and get really good at foosball and then i would just be that guy who is awesome at foosball. i imagined myself in my twenties being really cool and being at a bar with all my really cool friends and there'd be a foosball table at this particular bar. inevitably, someone would say something like, "oh hey, they have a foosball table! anybody want to play?" and i would very nonchalantly say, "sure. i'll play." and then everyone would discover that i was secretly the best foosball player in the history of the world.

but i didn't stick with it. i mean, how do you "practice" foosball? it was a stupid idea.

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