Thursday, October 28, 2010

irish wristwatch

my favorite tongue twister is "irish wristwatch." i like it so much because it's small and it doesn't seem like a tongue twister. but say it three times fast. it is a tongue twister.

when i was twenty, i spent a semester in ireland. at that time in my life, for whatever reason, i thought it was important to wear a wristwatch. i never had when i was younger, but i felt like it was a grownup thing to do. but i NEVER remembered to look at it to see what time it was. occasionally, i would still say things like, "what time is it?" and more often than not, i just wouldn't even think to consider what time it was.

also at that time in my life, i only wore colors like "brown," and "dark yellow."

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Lauren Connolly said...

i can't even say it one time fast...or slow for that matter...yhatzee!