Thursday, October 7, 2010

netflix is being condescending

so i finally splurged and got a netflix subscription. so far, my favorite part of having it is rating movies. if you've never used it, here's how it works: it asks you to rate movies or let them know if you haven't seen movies. so like Tommy Boy will show up and you click five stars because that movie's a classic and then it'll ask how often you watch slapstick movies like Tommy Boy and you say sometimes because you don't want to say often because that's not entirely true.

but then Back to the Future showed up. it's one of my all time favorite movies, so i was excited and proud to check five stars and i was prepared for it to ask me how often i watch awesome movies like Back to the Future and i was going to say often. but then netflix DIDN'T ask how often i watch awesome movies like B to the F. netflix asked me how often i watch movies for ages 11 to 12 like B to the F.
screw you, netflix. ... i did click "often," though.

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duncess. said...

TELL me about it!! "The Borrowers - Based on the award-winning novel by Mary Norton, this charming tale centers on the Clock family, a clan of miniature people who secretly reside in the walls of the normal-size Lender family's abode. When a corrupt attorney (John Goodman) schemes to destroy the house to make way for an apartment complex, the Clocks and Lenders team up to save their home. Jim Broadbent and Hugh Laurie also star in this EFFORT from director Peter Hewitt."