Sunday, October 31, 2010

gorilla instinct

my first instinct, every time i see a real gorilla, is to assume it's a guy in a really good gorilla suit before it dawns on me that i'm at the zoo, at the ape part, and this is probably real.


Anonymous said...

My instinct is to always recall what a good movie "Trading Places" was. Especially the train scene where Beeks is dressed in a gorilla suit and put in a cage with a real gorilla that proceeds to rape him. Gorilla rape - always funny!

duncess. said...

refer to "rape an ape" (

...a lot of animals this week. i know what somebody wants for Christmas...!

verification word: "Fibear" - A grizzly with regular bowel movements. OR A suppository to stop wildlife diarrhea. I could go on... something about bears sh*tting in the woods...?