Thursday, October 28, 2010

normal groceries

i just got home from a night trip to the grocery store. i went there after work because i needed supplies. i've been editing a video that i would like to finish by tomorrow. that involves sleep deprivation. and sleep deprivation makes your body sick. somebody told me if you think you're getting sick, you should eat a garlic. i don't know if it works but i do know this: a garlic only costs fifty cents.

also, we're having friends over tomorrow, so i bought some cheap vodka. also, 5 hour energy drinks and power bars are great for staying awake. also, cocoa pebbles were on sale.

the point of my story is this: i was waiting in the checkout lane, realizing that i was buying $39 worth of energy, booze, and garlic and realizing that makes me look like a lunatic. also, i had to pee really bad, which made me fidget around A LOT. so, when the clerk eyed me and my items warily, i gave her a blank stare and said "vampire stakeout." she nodded and accepted my payment.

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