Thursday, October 14, 2010

kienan birthday

today is my friend kienan's birthday. he is 438 space-years old today. i met kienan when i was fifteen earth-years old. around that time, i had gotten into the habit of going out to amish farms and dressing their animals up in modern clothing in the middle of the night. they'd wake up to find their horses, cows, and chickens decked out in denim, zippers, and buttons. they didn't know how to react.

anyway, i was out late one night, hanging a mirror in the stable and putting newspaper clippings of Mr Ed sort of sticking out of the frame of the mirror to make it look like this one horse was a huge Mr Ed fan and maybe he was practicing talking in front of the mirror, hoping to be the next horse to make it big in hollywood. suddenly, i heard a strange noise. it didn't sound like an amish noise. it sounded like a futuristic noise. so i left the stable to try to figure out what the heck was going on. that's when i saw him. an astronaut flying down to earth on what looked like a jet ski with flames shooting out the back. "awesome," i whispered to myself. "darn right it's awesome," shouted the astronaut as he turned of the engine and removed his helmet.
"are you a ghost?" i asked.
"no, dummy, i'm a spaceman," he replied.
"spaceman! that's what i meant. not ghost. i meant to say spaceman," i insisted.
"well then, right you are! my name's kienan!"
we high fived three times in a row, real fast.
i introduced myself, "my name's nic michaels"
"cool," he said.
"thanks," i said.
we spent the rest of the night eating astronaut ice cream and putting bifocals on pigs. we've been best friends ever since. happy birthday, friend!


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schoolpants said...

awesome! thank you angela! i love you and your stupid loquat propaganda! keep it coming, you crazy robot!