Thursday, October 22, 2009

soda pop

i used to drink a lot of soda pop. a lot.

a lot of kids weren't allowed to drink soda pop. or maybe there would be a limit on their daily soda pop intake. not me. i grew up in a household where drinking soda pop was neither discouraged nor encouraged. but it was always, always readily available.

i would average four cans of soda per day. mostly coca-cola or pepsi. i hated mountain dew. i would be furious when mountain dew was the only thing in the fridge. then, when i was sixteen, i got drunk at Indiana University. i woke up the next morning with a hangover and the only the things in the fridge were beer and mountain dew. the idea of having a beer made me want to barf. i suppose i could've had a glass of water. but that seemed almost as stupid as having a beer. so i had a mountain dew. and something in me changed that morning. i haven't been the same since. that mountain dew was the greatest thing i had ever tasted. i stopped drinking coca-cola and pepsi altogether. mountain dew was my new go-to brand.

my freshman year of college diet was this: mountain dew and pop tart for breakfast. mountain dew, cheetos, sandwich for lunch. mountain dew and pizza for dinner. beer the rest of the night. oh, and a mountain dew during each class.

sophomore year, i studied in ireland for a semester. there's no mountain dew in ireland. i had to learn to drink coca-cola and pepsi again. my diet in ireland was this: red bull for breakfast. chicken sandwich and coke for lunch (this place on campus had the BEST chicken sandwiches and i ate there like 5 days a week). fish and chips and guinness for dinner. guinness rest of night. oh, and a pepsi during each class.
like 2 years ago, i weened off the soda pop, learned to enjoy coffee & tea and i've been trying to eat healthier (barely). but sometimes i still get the hankerin' for a can of soda pop. and now is one of those times. i think i'm gonna walk to the market and get a mountain dew. i am weak.


Patrick! said...

you disgust me.

molly said...

Stay gold, Pony Boy.

SODA POP just makes me think of The Outsiders. Those jerks and their wussy nicknames.

schoolpants said...

me too! but it wasn't a nickname! ponyboy's brother was really named soda pop. "said so right on his birth certificate."

their father was a real original guy.

but speaking of wussy nicknames, what about Patrick "Parsnip" Rule?