Sunday, February 7, 2010

American Football Day

today is a very important day in the united states. today is national football day. each year, two teams (football teams) from different american cities come together to play a game with each other. it's a way to show that although we come from different cities, and many times even different states, we still all know how to play football. this year the cities of new orleans, louisiana and indianapolis, indiana will be playing together. i used to live in indianapolis. it's a great place. i know that. but a lot of people from new orleans might not know that. they might think, "indianapolis? what's that place like? i bet they're weird and wear different colored football shirts and play football a different way from us." but the truth is: indianapolis football players really DO wear a different colored football shirt. and today, everyone in this country will look at televisions and the televisions will SHOW them how different the football shirts of these two towns really are.
go colts!

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