Friday, February 19, 2010

ear ache

sometimes people get ear aches. they hurt real bad. a lot of times it's baby people who are the people who get ear aches. that especially sucks because baby people are new here and haven't figured out the language yet. so they just scream and scream. that's also what they do when they are hungry or have shit in their pants. but having an ear ache is way more painful than being hungry or having shit in your pants, so the baby people scream extra loud to try to communicate the idea that this pain they're experiencing is way worse than the everyday stuff they cry about. but a lot of the times, grownup people assume that louder screaming must just mean that the baby people are even hungrier or have even MORE shit in their pants.

that's what's rough about being a baby person. we've all been there. but the stupid thing about grownup people is that most of them figured out a way to forget what it was like being a baby.

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