Thursday, February 25, 2010


back in october of 2008, i decided i was going to beat the original zelda. i had never done it as a kid because i could never get a chance to play. i would just watch my older brothers beat video games. i realized that was horrible. i had NEVER beat a game in my whole life, as far as i could remember. so i set out to beat one of my favorite games from my childhood: zelda. it was fun. i was good at it. i beat all the levels except level 3 somehow. i couldn't get into the last level until all of the levels were completed. i needed to go back to level 3. the only problem was i couldn't find level 3. i spent hours combing the village of hyrule. it was nowhere to be found. i looked EVERYWHERE. eventually, i decided i need to draw my own map of hyrule. it was the only way to make sure i searched every square inch of the village. plus, i thought it was kind of cool that i might have my own hand-drawn map of hyrule. so i did it. as i was working on it, i thought a funny thing to do would be to mail it to my friend dave because he likes maps. he wouldn't know what the hell to do with the stupid thing. he'd probably feel too bad to throw it away. anyway, it took me a long time and before i got even halfway done with the map, i found level 3. so i beat it. then i went and beat ganon and beat the game. and when i beat the game, it showed me this screen:
and that's when i remembered that i HAD beaten this game before. back in college, i think. i'm an idiot.


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That map looks like it's on scale.