Friday, February 5, 2010

time to make the donuts

a lot of times i have to leave for work at 4am. these days, i often find myself saying "time to make the donuts" as i'm getting up at 3:45am. i used to love that character. but then, this morning, i realized something for the first time ever: that dude's life sucked! he was ALWAYS making donuts. it sounds awesome. but i think he was sad.

so i looked him up and found out that the actor who played him actually died of diabetes. presumably from all the donuts. how tragic is that? it's bad enough those donuts ruled his life. but they took it from him as well? that's rough.

gotta admit though. donuts are pretty awesome. not a bad way to go. i wish i had some donuts right now. aw crap, i have to go to work.

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