Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my grandma

i don't have a photo to show you guys of my grandma, so i picked the weirdest clipart i could find under the title "grandma." this is what showed up. weird, right? anyway, my grandma passed away this morning. it's sad. she was awesome. she used to crochet a lot and make awesome cookies and she'd make food for you all the time and all those typical grandmother things. but she was also funny and cool. one time, i was talking to her and my grandpa about stuff they did when they were younger. she told me about how this one time, when she was in high school, she sneaked into a college lecture and just pretended she was a student there just to see what it was like. she laughed about it a lot and said, "ah, i was a brazen young hussy." i think that was the coolest thing i ever heard her say. it was hilarious. we laughed about it for awhile.

it's sad when your grandma dies. both of mine are gone now. you hear about people's grandparents dying like it's just something that grandparents do. but man, it's sad. if you hear about someone's grandparent dying, be nice to them. no matter how old or sick the grandparent is, it's really sad to lose somebody.

oh, another funny story about my grandma: a few years ago, she had a stroke and had to stay in the hospital for awhile. these nurses would take her for walks and talk to her and stuff. she told one of them that she could speak russian and the nurse totally believed her. my grandma even made up russian words to "teach" the nurse and the nurse totally bought it. hilarious.


Patrick! said...

i'm sorry your grandma died. mine died but i still have one. and one grandpa. they live together and are related.

my dead grandma taught me the word "bunk". she liked that i listened to glen miller tunes and watched the lawrence welk show. when she died it didn't really bother me. not because i thought she was old and it was her time to go, but because i knew that the way time works, she's always been dead. just like she's always been alive. it makes me happy to think that she's alive somewhere in time and so am i and she just made waldorf salad because she thinks i like it so much even though i never made any indication that i like it. it also consuls me to know that in the future i am dead.

i also think that the idea of grandmas in time is funny.

also, i miss my grandma.

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Osiokeh said...

i noticed that no one really commented on this. i suppose this isnt the best forum for empathy, but i'll try. sorry about your grandmother. she sounded swell. a lovable liar. i'm sure she gave great gifts.

i never knew my grandmothers. or grandfathers. but i would like to think they knew me when i was younger. i'm sure they did. except my dad's mother. she died giving birth do him. he always goes on about it. i remember one picture of me in my mother's mother's arms when i was like one year old. I dont think she liked me. but i suppose it doesnt matter now because she's dead.

i dont have much sympathy for the elderly because i never had any in my life. but i can certainly be nice to someone who lost someone dear to them. (*places hand on screen) "I'm sorry for your loss.