Sunday, February 28, 2010

koala back rides

this is another thing in my brother's old bedroom. i had to sleep there this weekend because my parents' house is like a hotel now and a million people were sleeping there. anyway, this is a koala on the back of another koala, painted on a flat rock. i don't know where this came from or why, but i think it's the coolest thing i noticed in my brother's old bedroom. except maybe this dusty old beastie boys tape:
i hope he doesn't think i was snooping around in his room. i wasn't. i just noticed the snoopy trophy and took a picture of it and then i noticed all this other cool stuff lying around so i took pictures of those things too. like, how could i not take a picture of this guy:


Matt Michaels said...

That's my BEASTIE BOYS cassette tape!

..and the only reason he has the Joe Cool Snoopy trophy is cause his name is Joe.

schoolpants said...

sounds like someone is a little bitter about being the second greatest football in the world.

Joe said...

Ha. You're only the 2nd best football in the world. I was the best football player in the world. Sucka.