Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i went to a dumb school

i went to a school that specializes in communication (like emailing and stuff like that). i graduated about 18 months ago. and remember, this school specializes in communication (like emailing and stuff like that) and yet, they still email me stuff like this roughly 3 times a week.


The Profile said...

communications?! it's a phony major!

Matt Michaels said...

Yeah, why would you go 3000 miles to see Albuttus Magnus kick your butts?!?

Albuttus Magnus? Was that supposed to be a joke? If it was Albertus Magnus Falcons and Lady Falcons got the last laugh by beating the Emersum Cowardly Lions.

schoolpants said...

Matt, you officially now know more than i do about my alma mater's sports teams. one thing i kind of regret is not going to see any basketball or soccer games there. we didn't have a football team. but patrick and i always talked about tailgating before a basketball game and going in there riproaring drunk, being the only fans there. but we never got around to it.

and yes, Albuttus Magnus was a joke. fun fact: "albuttus magnus" is latin for "the great butt."

another fun fact: i just made that up.

The Profile, was that supposed to be a pun on the idea that phones are used to communicate?

side note: communications wasn't my major. mine was "Visual Media Arts with a focus on Fictional Narrative Video" ... which is as meaningless as "communications."

Adam Shonkoff said...

ha ha word verification word is "fropout"

schoolpants said...

haaaa. i should've fropped out of that school!

but then i wouldn't have my schoolpants.

then this blog would be called froppants.

equally cool but way less catchy.

KK said...

man, i wonder why i show up as just "The Profile" on that comment. anyway, that's a line from the simpsons fool. when the fottball player injures himself.