Thursday, May 14, 2009

i got in trouble at work

so at work, i have to wear an apron and a nametag. it's demeaning, but i do it. a few months ago, they had these buttons that we could wear for fun. they had coffee related things and bad puns. i decided to wear a button, but modify it. i covered it in tape and wrote COFFEE! on it. it made me happy. every few days, i'd change it again. after about a month, i landed on "I LIKE YOUR HAIRDO." i found that to be a very funny thing for a button to say. i particularly like the word hairdo. it is funny to me.
and customers seemed to like it too. several even laughed out loud. most would say things like "thanks, i like your hairdo too." bald men especially got a kick out of it. it was a "feel-good" button. everyone was on board. everyone, that is, except my boss. i came in to work one day to find my apron missing. inside my locker was my button (along with a price tag i had made for myself and attached to my nametag) and a note saying that i was not allowed to wear my custom-made button that everyone loved so dearly.

it was the worst day of my life.


Dave said...

that's ridic. your boss doesn't realize what he's done. he's taken your soul, man. you need to take a knife and stab his fucking windshield and then say you're in new jersey... but really you've gone to nashville.

Amber said...

you know if you got fired for this it would make for an excellent story for me. i would tell it at parties and stuff, like "get this: my friend nic got fired over A BUTTON..." anyway, think about it.

PdiddyRule said...

this all seems familiar

schoolpants said...

dave, my boss is a female. you are racist.

amber, you're right. i should push the envelope. the button envelope, that is. the buttvelope, as it were.

pdiddyrule, did i get in trouble at work in boston for goofy buttons? i remember having dumb nametags and stuff. did we get yelled at for that?