Monday, May 4, 2009

the kids show (for kids!)

a long while back, i get the idear (idea) in my noodle (brain) that i should make a children's show. because i like children. and i like shows. and i PARTICULARLY like children's shows. and because my nephews (and niece) like to watch my videos. so i set out to make a kids show for kids. i videotaped myself talking to this robot i built. but i wasn't very happy with the result. so i reshot it. but i still wasn't happy with it. then, about three months later (today), i looked at the footage again and decided it wasn't so bad. so i edited it this morning. here's the finished show.

if you're a grownup and this video doesn't appeal to you, don't feel bad. it's a kids show. it's for kids.


Amber said...

this is by far my favorite video of yours and i think you should make more (for kids [and me]).

Christopher said...

i'm not even a kid, and i found myself really laughing a lot many of the times. this show's not even for kids really. it's for people in alllll ages!

schoolpants said...

i'm gonna have to change the name of it to "the kids show (for people of all ages!)."

it just doesn't have the same ring to it.