Monday, June 28, 2010

super crappy fun week

so, this week was designed to drive me insane. i work every morning this week from 4:15am to 1:15pm and i have things to do after work until late at night each night this week. important things. things important to me anyway. so over the weekend, i decided to attack this week as if it were the greatest possible scenario. a fun-filled, sleep-deprived week. oh the places we'll go. i wonder what my brain will be doing by the evening of day five. time will tell.

so i made a short list of reminders for survival:
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat those vitamins!
  • Sleep when you can!
  • Don't get sad!

so far i've been drinking lots of water and eating those vitamins but the vitamins make me feel sick and make my pee glow-in-the-dark yellow. my friend jon told me that meant i didn't have enough water in my body. the vitamins are concentrated and need water to break down. and when they don't break down, they come out in pee. what a waste! so i drank a crazy amount of water. this resulted in VERY frequent trips to the bathroom and gallons and gallons of neon pee. and, for the sake of my own dignity, i won't even tell you what it did to my bowel movements (hint: rhymes with driarrhea).

and i haven't been able to sleep at all. AT ALL. and i need to add "don't get angry" to the list because that's what's happening. and this is only day TWO of five. holy cripes. stay tuned to see me go through the looking glass. my prediction: awesome results. maybe i'll have like a vision quest by day five.

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schoolpants said...

this post is stupid! what an idiot i was! remind me in the future that i'm an idiot when i don't sleep.