Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bat movie!

so in the august of two-thousand and five, i went home for my nephew, luke's baptism. "home" is Ft. Wayne, Ind. i was living in Indnpls, Ind at the time. kienan hitched a ride with me from ft wayne to indy, where his car was waiting for him (kienan was living in Bloomington, Ind at the time). anyway, we got to indy and kienan decided to stop in to use the toilet and say hello to dave. so we got inside and dave mentioned that he thought he saw a bird or something but maybe he's crazy. we took a look around and i spotted a bat hanging in our dining room.

we were all pretty confused as to what to do about this bat, but i was certain that the video camera needed to be involved. we screamed and ran around the house like hyperactive children for around three hours or so. then we watched the footage over and over, giggling and squeeling like drugheads. a few weeks later, we did some interviews about the bat-fight, in hopes to make some sort of story that i could edit together and we could show to friends. three and a half years later, here's a proper version of that story:


Kienan said...

I am so glad this is up. i am going to watch it every day, all day for the next two days. this is grand.

Why does amber think your racist?

And i don't get the light pole either. did the car back into it. why is the light pole broken at the top and bottom? Where were the parents?

schoolpants said...

i'm glad you're glad.

amber thinks i'm racist because i CAN'T STAND white people.

and i agree, the parents should've been a little more aware. but i also blame video games. and let's not forget that janet jackson's nipple was shown on tv during the super bowl. i'm sure that played a role in this whole "light pole in the car" fiasco. but it's a tough situation. we can't just give kids free condoms and expect light poles to stop landing in cars. but something needs to be done. maybe a stricter dress code? mandatory ID cards and citywide curfews? i don't know. i'm just throwing around ideas.