Tuesday, January 6, 2009

don't update facebook when you're not sober

that's the lesson i learned last night.
i didn't have to work today, so i went out and had a couple of pints last night. when i got home, i "surfed the web" for a bit and decided it would be kooky to make my facebook profile all about kickboxing. the result was: stupid.
i still find "eyes of the tigers" funny as my favorite music. and i definitely laughed, soberly, at the about me section. i love when people say "just ask!"
but the fact of the matter is: two people friend-requested me today and this will be their first impression of my facebook persona. they'll think i'm one of those people that puts up silly fake pictures and silly fake info. and i guess i am one of those people. BUT STILL. i'll never update my facebook profile under the influence again.

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