Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"hey! new haircut!"

is something i hear pretty regularly at work despite my infrequent visits to the barbershop.

it happened again today. i made a drink for one of the regular customers. she smiled, thanked me, and said "hey! new haircut!" i said, "huh?" and she said, "you got a haircut!" and i smiled back and mumbled something that neither confirmed nor denied the alleged haircut. i think i said something like "yeah, it's a little different," then i trailed off and pretended i needed to do something elsewhere.

i have the worse damn time telling people that they are wrong even when they are DEFINITELY wrong. like yesterday, this guy, who apparently coaches swimming at some nearby high school, was chit-chatting about how the size of the team has almost doubled this year on account of last summer's olympics. he added that a big part of swimming's rise in popularity across the nation was due to the success of michael phillips. PHILLIPS! i'm listening to this guy and agreeing with him and i wanted so badly to tell him that the kid's name is michael PHELPS. but i just didn't have the heart. the guy's a swim coach!

likewise, i can't bring myself to inform the people who say "new haircut" that i have not, in fact, gotten a haircut in nearly a month. it just looks different all the time because sometimes i shower before work and sometimes i just wake up and get it a little wet so it doesn't stick up so much and sometimes i just wake up late and let it look stupid.

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