Monday, January 26, 2009

happy new year china

china got a new year today. that's always pretty exciting news. this one's called "the year of the ox." pretty good name, i suppose.
i was checking out what that meant, just now, on this website called wikipedia. it's pretty much this website that knows absolutely everything about absolutely everything. so wikipedia told me that the ox is a sign of "prosperity through fortitude and hard work." so that's good news right? i mean, sucks we gotta work hard and show some fortitude. but good news that if we DO, then we'll be properous. it would totally suck if we worked hard and showed some fortitude ALL year and then didn't get any prosperity. anyway, i guess what china is saying is, "if you plan on working hard and putting up with bullcrap, this year, it might actually pay off." i'm not chinese or anything. but i feel inspired. sincerely.

so then i was asking wikipedia what other years meant. like the year of the dog, which is the year i was born. and wikipedia told me all about myself. being born in the year of the dog means i'm loyal, amicable, sociable, and open-minded. but it also means i'm cynical, judgemental, stubborn, and quarrelsome. which explains why i love everybody and hate everybody at the same time. even more specifically, wikipedia told me that i was born in a water year of the ox. and water is associated with a difficulty to make a decision and stick to it, because water is "fluid and weak." BUT it can "weild great power when it floods and overwhelms the land." also, water's primal spirit is represented by the Black Tortoise. i didn't even know tortoises CAME in black! so cool! i really want to befriend a black tortoise now.

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