Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seasonal Affective Disorder can make you S.A.D.

so, awhile ago, i dated this girl from puerto rico, which is a place where, allegedly, the weather's always pretty good. when we dated, we were living in boston (massachusetts) where, allegedly, the weather's pretty crummy. it was the first cold winter of her life and in october, she was already bitching about the temperature. "just wait til february," i joked. by february, it was legitimately really f-ing cold. she would get pissed off when we were walking places and she'd say things like "why do people live here? don't they know there are places where the weather is always beautiful?" and i would argue that growing up with seasons builds character and instills in people a "this too shall pass" way of thinking.

but now i live in a place where the weather is always pretty great. and the last time i went home, when the plane landed and the stewardess told us the local time and temperature, it was one degree. ONE DEGREE. just one. and that's fahrenheit. not celsius.

today, the high here was 85. my mom told me that back home today the high is 4. and i'm honestly starting to rethink my argument about living in cold places.

and apparently there's a legit condition that makes people mopey when the weather's lousy. i don't think i suffer from it. i'm able to get mopey in all types of weather. but for those of you whose mood depends upon the weather, check out these goofy lamps that can trick your brain into being happy: it's like she's eating breakfast and chatting on the phone in a tropical paradise!

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