Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i suck at waking up

i don't have to work until 5pm today. but still, i wanted to get it up kinda early. i set my alarm for 10:48am. but look at that bed. how the heck do you expect me to get out of that comfy little cocoon of comfy comfort? with those t-shirt sheets and that big comfy blanket and pants and sweatshirts and all types of crud to get buried underneath, safe and warm from the oscillating fan that makes me shiver when it points at me. it's impossible to get out of bed before 1pm. IMPOSSIBLE.

besides. i was up til like 3:30 working on my script (i'm SO l.a.!) and editing some old videos. so don't judge me. besides, it's like dr. steve brule says: "when you're sleeping, there's no lonely times. there's just dreams."


PdiddyRule said...

Dear Nacholess Milkles,

I'm writing you regarding your offensive blog entry entitled, "i suck at waking up". I take great offense to the position you took on your recent blog entry entitled, "i suck at waking up". In it you wrote about how you had a hard time waking up. I say, get a life!!! If you have so much trouble, I say, get a life!!! Seriously, there are girlfriends dying of many diseases out there. Diseases linked to many problems. If we all do our parts, this could be averted. I say, get a life!!!

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to commence BLOG WARS!!! (2000) Our two modest blogs (mine, the underdawg whom always wins) against yours! Winner takes all!!!!!!!!!

sincerely yours,
Chomley Ralgsomen

p.s. I'm a really big fan!!!

schoolpants said...

blog wars a go-go! let's eat each other's shite!

yours in battle,
Bonaparte Gosworth