Saturday, January 24, 2009

handful o' me

know what's weird? when you live in a place with no friends and the only person you talk to is your roommate and then all of the sudden (all the sudden) some friends visit from boston and they call their friends and they call their friends. and then you're just sitting there, drinking whiskey and goofing on "mrs. doubtfire." but then the movie ends so you continue drinking and you flip (change) the stayche (station) to arachnophobia and you goof on that for a bit. but then it's time to leave and you're not used to talking to other people and you're only used to talking to yourself so you both talk too much and too little. but then the music's too loud in that stupid bar anyway. and you're drunk already so who cares. besides. what would you say, anyway?

and that's what. that's what's weird.

which is the answer to the question i asked earlier about what's weird.

it's like swallowing a pill-sized form of yourself. then the water in your body (your body's 90% water) absorbs it so it grows to a life-size form of you. making the old you obsolete. but then in the morning you might feel hungover (which is caused mostly by dehydration) so a lot of the water's gone. which means the pill you is smaller than the old obsolete you. so you have some greasy food and fountain coke. presto chango. you're ready for a nap.

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