Thursday, January 29, 2009

serious question

i was walking to this UPS dropbox in the Taft Building, to return some DCs that were a size too small in exchange for some new balances i'm really excited about, and i passed a bus hut advertisement for "madea goes to jail." the title made me think of a cruddy movie that i, myself, had watched as a boy and i was shocked that i hadn't made the connection earlier: is madea like ernest for black people?
i'm not even trying to be funny. i'm just trying to understand. i watched an episode of tyler perry's "house of payne" last year to see what all the hubbub was about. i was baffled. but i think this madea-ernest connection might offer me a little insight. i mean, the ernest franchise was baffling in and of itself, but i came to accept it. if i can come to accept that the tyler perry franchise is a similarly bewildering phenomena, then i can stop trying to understand and just let it be.


Amber said...


schoolpants said...

no! it would be racist to think that post was racist.

sooooo, technically, you're the racist. sorry pal.

the good news is: quitting racism is as easy as quitting smoking! just follow these five easy steps:
1. stop hating minorities
2. stop it
3. seriously, just knock it off
4. i'm serious
5. stop.

presto-chango! you're a good person!