Saturday, July 18, 2009

google, you're weird

i mean, i'm a pretty weird guy. i'm home alone on a friday night, reading, bored, and i decided to type "peter perter peanut berter" into google to see if there were any results.

what's weirder than me is the fact that there were "about 3,660 results." And even weirder than that, google asked me "do you mean peter peter peanut burter?" i thought to myself, "that's weird. why would google think that i meant peter peter peanut BURTER? that can't be a real thing, can it?" and out of sheer curiousity, i click on peter peter peanut burter, and google comes up with only 110 results and asks me if i mean "peter peter peanut butter," which still ISN'T A REAL THING.

i'm sure google is trying to direct me, ultimately, to peter pan peanut butter. but what pisses me off is this: a)google must assume i'm retarded; and b) google doesn't have the balls to, right off the bat, just come out and say "are you retarded??? do you mean peter pan peanut butter?"

i mean either tell me if anyone has made a website about this thing that i assume i have just made up, called PETER PERTER PEANUT BERTER or tell me there's nothing on the internet about it. don't give me the runaround and ask me if i meant "peter butthole tina turner" or whatever the crap. i know what i'm typing when i'm using google search! jeez.


AnnaBanAnna said...

LOL@ peter butthole tina turner
just so you know, now when someone types in peter butthole tina turner, schoolpants is the first thing to pop continue to make history

schoolpants said...

oh my god! i've done it! i've changed the internet forever!

i think i'm gonna get a lot of new followers when people search for peter butthole tina turner and see that schoolpants is the number one source of information on that topic.